Solutions at the Speed of Change



Elevate Government Solutions was founded on the belief that government technology can and should be done better. We are a convergence of veterans, private sector entrepreneurs, and public sector servants that for the last few decades have watched the private sector distance itself from the government space. Our mission is to drive technology, drive engagement, and drive talent to shape the direction of technology across all government spaces. We aim to elevate every aspect of government by providing solutions at the speed of change. 


Our focus is to bring the technology expertise we've honed in the private sector domain, mix it with our experience working for and with public sector agencies, and apply it to the demands of today's government. We very much live Agile and apply this mindset and methodology both internally and with our clients. We think strategically and long term to shape solutions that are reactive while allowing flexibility to change to meet demands over time. Success is viewed both in the immediate and in a solution's ability to deliver results over time.

Looking outside of ourselves, we also strive to reshape a public sector environment that for too long has stood in its own way. We partner with educational institutions and community organizations to drive dialogs for change and engage a technology talent pool that has increasingly declined to participate in driving the technology change we need to compete globally.


Using both open source and proprietary technologies, our US based teams develop and maintain cutting edge applications. Our Agile approach allows for rapid development and flexibility to adapt to changing requirements 


Making use of the best products in the space, we are able to architect and deliver GRC solutions that make the most of out-of-the-box functionality with custom code to tailor the solution to the unique needs of our clients



We bring a people first approach to DevSecOps that evaluates available tools with the skillsets and needs of our clients to create secure pipelines that drive productivity and innovation. We believe in best practices and not a one-size-fits-all approach


At the forefront of concern is the security of our nation's technology and data. We partner with our government clients to ensure the safety, security and reliability of their solutions and networks making them robust and resistant to attack