Government Transformation

With a Human-Centric Approach

The Elevate Difference

The Agile Methodology is engrained in all we do, extending beyond just software development. As a culture we iterate rapidly forming quick feedback loops which we use to learn and adjust to keep us at the cutting edge of technology.




Elevate Mission

“We Lead Government Transformation through Technology”

Our Driving Factor

Promote Intellectual Curiosity

We promote intellectual curiosity and leading-edge solutions to improve government.

Simplify and Adapt

We simplify complex problems and rapidly adapt private sector solutions to public sector problems.

Stay Agile

We make use of a transparent Agile Methodology for continuous improvement

Be Committed

We are a committed partner focused on the mission and define success through our partners.

Drive Change

We engage a diverse technology talent pool to drive the government change we need to compete globally.

Deliver Solutions

We deliver critical solutions that keep pace with a rapidly changing world and close the gap between governments.

Elevate Vision

Why We Do What We Do

“Building a Future with the United States Government at the Forefront of Technology”

Elevate Values

Iterate to Accelerate

Demonstrate intellectual curiosity; leverage diversity and experience; be creative; and embrace personal growth. Take in feedback to improve yourself and those around you.


Be a partner and build relationships. Be open to helping and ask for help when you need it. At Elevate, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Do the Right Thing

We do everything with Integrity and Respect. We value our Team, our Clients, and our Communities. The way we do our work demonstrates this.

Be a Value Add

Approach every situation with an attitude of wanting to contribute. And leave every situation having left tangible value to the effort.

Own Your Output

Be a professional and always seek to exceed expectations. Keep those around you informed and always under-promise and over-deliver.

Take on Challenges

We look a challenge in the face and take it on. Leverage our team to fill in gaps and set out to change the status quo.

What’s at the Core

Our values stem from an adherence to the agile methodology and a constant pursuit of improvement

Our Past

We work with agencies of all sizes and shapes to tailor solutions to the requirements, budgets, and abilities of their organization. We customize an Agile approach to solicit early feedback, adapt over time, and at the end of the day produce a solution that meets near term needs and can easily scale for the long term.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Led by this team of Founders, is a power house of Elevate team members with a vast array of expertise.


Kevin Schreck


Jack Downes


Alan Shintaku


Charith Gamage