Testing Solutions

Delivering Agile,
5G Networks

➜ Elastic, Scalable 5G network test lab-as-a-Service
➜ Powered by DISH Wireless Virtualized O-RAN 5G Network
➜ Cloud-native principles provide declarative environments, CI/CD, observability
➜ Hybrid cloud infrastructure and networking supports discrete and parallelized lab “instances”

The Dish + Elevate Difference

We are passionate about innovation and using technology to solve complex problems- 5G takes that to a whole new level. Our experienced team of developers and engineers are dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that help businesses streamline their operations and stay ahead of the competition.


➜ Right-sized capacity based on the needs of the current session of testing
➜ Reduced costs for early-stage testing encouraging experimentation and new entrants
➜ Ability to scale upwards for later stage testing

Production Grade

➜ Labs will reflect Production networks and have a mechanism to measure drift when not possible
➜ Avoids contrived lab-only scenarios and with an uncertain relation to actual Production environments


➜ On-demand time increments with an ability to parallelize to increase development velocity
➜ Allow for multiple independent operations/parties simultaneously thereby minimizing bottlenecks
➜ Sessions fit for purpose to maximize efficiency and minimize cost


➜ Labs with pre-built observability and data exposure mechanisms, with ability to customize data captured and efficiently disseminated to meet United States
government standards
➜ Unit-under-test data, test (emulation) data, system metrics, logs, etc.


➜ Labs setup with consistency between instances and/or sessions with tests executed against a known baseline
➜ Labs automatically reset to fixed conditions after every session
➜ Declarative approach (IaC, Helm, etc) to minimize manual steps and enable lab-to-lab comparisons

A Different Approach

We are a convergence of veterans, private sector entrepreneurs, and public sector servants that have watched the private sector outpace government through technology.
Our mission is to drive innovation, drive engagement, and drive talent to shape the direction of technology.

Testing Capabilities


➜ 5G SA, with Nokia and Oracle CNFs
➜ Runs on AWS EKS (Amazon Elastic Kubernetes)

Test Tools

➜ Spirent
➜ Keysight
➜ Others


➜ Mavenir
➜ Runs on Dell + VMWare TKG (Tanzu Kubernetes Grids)
➜ Radio Units (RU): Fujitsu


➜ Cisco

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