Remote 5G Testing Services

We bring Testing to You

Maximize Data Transmission

Assess your network’s capacity to handle massive volumes of data with our throughput testing, vital for AR, VR, 4K video streaming, and more.

Minimize Response Times

With latency testing, ensure your network delivers the quick response times essential for real-time applications like video conferencing and autonomous vehicles.

Combined Testing

Get a comprehensive network performance assessment by evaluating both throughput and latency.

Seamless Connectivity

Ensure smooth, fast transitions between cells without service disruptions, crucial for maintaining consistent connections on the move.

Comprehensive Handover Scenarios

Test for inter-cell, intra-frequency, inter-frequency handovers, and transitions between different NR configurations

Dish + Elevate 5G

Dive into the next-gen applications with our extensive testing services, including:

Performance Testing

Network Slicing

Quality of Service (QoS) Testing

Edge Compute Integration

Mobility and Security Testing

Scalability, Load, and Device Compatibility Testing

Energy Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

The Dish + Elevate Difference

At Elevate, we’re not just testing the future; we’re helping build it. We leverage modern cloud technologies to bring testing to you. Our comprehensive remote 5G testing services are designed to push the boundaries of your capabilities, ensuring you’re more than just ready for the next wave of digital transformation—you’re leading it. Discover how partnering with us can elevate your network, applications, and services to unprecedented heights.

Carrier-Grade Tools

Remotely utilize our full suite of testing tools to provision dynamic end-to-end network environments.

Comprehensive Configurations

Test with varied SA CORE, CU/DU/RU, and NR RF configurations, including MIMO and Massive MIMO technologies.

Accelerated Development

Speed up your capability and application development with our advanced testing environment.

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