Key Considerations for Technology Enablement of Enterprise Risk Management

Meet the Authors

Soumya Chakraverty

Managing Consultant
Risk Pro Solutions

Soumya specializes in integrated risk management and GRC, encompassing enterprise, operational and technology risks and controls. He has extensive experience in banking and financial services and public sector. He provides strategic consulting to organizational leaders to help enhance risk maturity and improve compliance. He is also a Board member for the Association for Federal ERM (AFERM). A regular public speaker, he has also published articles on GRC implementational and operational risk.

Jack Downes

Elevate Government Solutions

Jack is a veteran, leader and program manager with over 27 years of experience building and leading teams from small businesses to large organizations with thousands of personnel in the execution of highly complex operations. He has personally advised senior government officials and served on a Presidential Directive Sub-committee. He has implemented numerous operational risk management and management internal control programs across a myriad of organizations and currently leads efforts to enable technology adoption in Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Kevin Schreck

Elevate Government Solutions

Kevin is a career technologist having spent time at organizations such as Northrop Grumman and Microsoft. He has worked with both Public Sector and Private Sector clients and understands first hand the challenges of integrating technology to solve problems. In the last few years he set his sights on leveraging technology to build out Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions that scale to an agency-wide level.

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